You should be able to hit a Play button to keep playing your video even while the screen is. Once downloaded and installed just open the app search for a YouTube video you want to listen to select it.

10 Best Android Lock Screen Apps And Lock Screen Replacement Apps

You can also control audio playback on the lock screen.

How do i play youtube on my android lock screen?. A YouTube Premium subscription runs anywhere from 12 to 7 per month if you are a student. Tap the screen lock option youd like to use. To learn how to remove screen lock on Android simply follow these steps.

This will bring you to the home screen and stop the audio. Enable the feature in your android. After signing into your account tap your profile on the top right.

The player will automatically start playing the audio from YouTube. In case you have fingerprint lock enabled you may not be able to access the playback control. You can now play your YouTube videos with your screen backlight off watch this- Get genuine Windows keys at 𝑷𝒓𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝑻𝒆𝒄𝒉 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒕.

Then try watching the video again. This largely happens largely due to two reasonsThese devices automatically kill apps running in the background to free up more space in RAMCustomised battery profiles on these devic. Now open YouTube and select the pin icon to get the app locked.

Now you can exit the app or turn your screen off. YouTube is a integral part of Google the. When you or your child watch videos it locks touchscreen and disables touch for navigational buttons so you stay locked inside the video streaming service.

Play a song from your stock music player app the one which was originally included in your mobile and play a song. To start with launch the drfone on your system and click on the Screen Unlock option from its home. There is nothing much to explain here.

All you need to do now is hit the Play button and start listening to YouTube with the screen off. To listen to YouTube with screen OFF on iPhone or iPad you can. Click on the Headphone option and you are done.

Hi Unfortunately you cant uninstall this app or other Google apps. How to Listen to YouTube with Screen OFF Android iOS How to Play YouTube in Background on Android 1. As per Richard Pariaths answer you can disable the youtube app and uninstall updates this reverts it back to its original version when you purchased the phone.

Want to listen to YouTube with your phones screen off just tap Share in the YouTube app tap Play in VLC. When using any musicmedia app other than native ones the app crashes when I lock screen. Next press the home button.

When you turn off the screen and get back to the lock screen you must be able to see the player controls. You can now lock your phone and the audio will continue to play when the screen turns off. If this does not fix the rotation issue try closing the YouTube app and restarting it.

By default the stock player has the player controls in Android. If you dont find the option of screen pinning then it must be shown as Lock screen and security in your android. Follow instructions to finish the installation.

That said if for any reason you are not interested in the YouTube premium the following are some options you can try. Start your video playing. If youve already set a lock youll need to enter your PIN pattern or password before you can pick a different lock.

How to turn off PIN security on the Android lock screen – YouTube. This method is quite silly but useful in a pinch. Setting Security Advanced Screen pinning.

Next open Firefox browser on your Android device paste the video URL and turn on desktop mode. Follow the on-screen instructions. Search and play the music video you want and wait till the video plays in full screen.

Tap SettingsGeneralResticted Mode respectively and turn Restricted Mode on. Use ET20 for 20. Open youtube application on your device.

Answer 1 of 10. Now go back to your Home screen and swipe up to reveal your Control Center. If the orientation lock is not active and YouTube still wont rotate you can turn on the orientation lock then turn it off again.

This is obviously very annoying particularly when I have paid for the premium poweramp and when my phone is my primary music player. Play YouTube Music in the Background. Simply copy the YouTube video URL to your clipboard the one that you would like to play with screen OFF.

Using an authentic USB cable connect your phone to the system. Now swipe and bring up the control center and tap the play button. Switch it to inactive.

The speaker will work just fine. Its possible that you would find certain apps getting killed in the background on your device. You can also check Grambulk Youtube Services.

You dont really need headphones to use the app although you could use one. Touch Lock will disable screen touch and hide buttons while any video player is running. So far this happens on poweramp vlc amazon music.

However you will now be able to see playback control buttons on your lock screen. To pick a kind of screen lock tap Screen lock. You simply have access YouTube using the Mozilla Firefox browser by typing in the URL address select your favourite song hit play and lock your screen.

If you turn OFF the display the video should play without any issue. Answer 1 of 24.

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