How Can Drones Improve Road Safety?

drone road safetyWhile drones or unmanned aerial aircraft are used by the government and their military, there may come a day in the future, when the aircraft will be used by the business arena or in the communities across the UK for other issues. For instance, drones may one day be used to improve road safety. Because they can be pre-programmed for a mission and can stay in flight for long hours, these aircrafts can be do surveillance of roads, bridges, streets and motorways.

You’ve probably have a friend that owns one, often these are nothing more than toys but some professional quality models are being made available to the general public. Some of the best drones and quadcopters on the market are quite sophisticated, as you can read about at QuadcopterCloud.

These aircraft can also spot areas where heavy congestion is causing issues for car riders, while helping to paint a picture as to the reason, while hopefully leading to a solution. Drones can travel over bridges, showing where there may be heavy wear and tear due to travel and where the bridges to be repaired. They can also travel on motorways all the UK, showing where the need for repair is most critical. These aircrafts can also spot areas where trees or other objects like dangerous wiring have fallen on the road, following a heavy storm.

Areas of decline on roads, motorways, bridges and streets can be investigated quickly, without the use of heavy manpower. Drones can also be used on local streets to show where potholes and other areas of concern for everyday car riders are, leading to faster repairs and a quicker response for the improvement of the problem. And because they have been known for long flight, some up to 82 hours, these aircrafts can survey multiple roads in one day, where the efforts to send manpower there would take much more effort and cost.

The Disadvantages of Using Drones for Surveillance in the Community

While the use of multiple drones flying for surveillance for companies who want to be cost effective and use less manpower hours is a great idea, they can only be pre-programmed to do a certain mission. Once it is pre-programmed, then that is the only mission it can do. If an aircraft is set to go over another area and there are other issues involved in the area, as a machine, it would not be able to accomplish the other necessary required tasks.

Also, there may be what some fear most and that is drone wars, where the pre-programmed aircraft may interfere with others that are out there. If there was a drone war, then confusion may become an issue over how the aircraft can actually manoeuvre around another of the same type.

Using Drones in the Future for Road Safety

While there are many great reasons for the use of drones in the future to do everyday safety checks and surveillances on the roadways, highways, bridges and streets, there are also some concerns by the government in overusing the aircraft.

Business and community leaders have been debating over the use of drones and how it can improve roadways for many years. However, the government says they can only be used for military action of reconnaissance and surveillance and to be armed with missiles and bombs for military battle. Thus, improved roadways at cost effective pricing and little manpower hours will have to wait until the issues can be worked out where drones can be effectively used in the communities.