How to Keep Safe When Running on the Road

How to Keep Safe When Running on the RoadKnowing how to keep safe when running on the road is important given the number of accidents that can occur between pedestrians and cars. People who run outdoors are going to have to accept that they will face hazards that the people who are running indoors on treadmills are not going to encounter. However, if they plan ahead when it comes to these hazards, they will be that much more likely to stay safe.

Run Against Traffic

It is important to run against traffic and not with traffic. As such, the drivers will find it that much easier to spot runners. Runners will still be going slower than drivers in almost all cases, but drivers can be distracted. Runners are going fast enough that drivers might not see them right away unless the runners are moving against traffic.

Increase Visibity

Visibility in general is important for runners. Runners who are running at night should wear some sort of reflecting gear, so the streetlights and lights on cars help make them more apparent to drivers. The top running shoes are almost always made of reflectorized material to ensure maximum visibility for runners who prefer hitting the pavement at night. It would be wise to invest in a good pair of running shoes not only to for comfort but also for safety. Even runners who are exercising when it is still light outside should try to make themselves as visible as possible, being mindful of the position of other drivers.

Sun Protection

Of course, runners should think about other outdoors hazards, too. They should always wear sunscreen unless they are running at night, even if it is late in the day. It’s a good idea to wear sunglasses too, especially for the people with light-colored eyes. Runners should wear shoes that provide enough support, since the hard pavement of the road is going to be much rougher on their knees than the surface of a treadmill.


People running long distances should bring bottles of water with them in order to stay hydrated. It’s also a good idea for runners to have some way to defend themselves with outdoor running, especially through certain areas. In some areas, it is perfectly legal to carry defensive products like mace and pepper spray. However, overall, runners have more to fear from drivers than they do from other people on foot.

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Are Self Balancing Scooters a Safe Mode of Transportation?

Are Self Balancing Scooters a Safe Mode of TransportationEven though self balancing scooters or hoverboards have become a lot more popular in just the last few years (some would say exploding in the usage over the last two or three years), the truth of the matter is there are still quite a number of people who aren’t comfortable in riding one.

Sure, the actual piloting technology – the computer processing with the gyroscope on board – is quite advanced and very impressive, and the self balancing mechanism definitely works as advertised, but you’re still talking about a new method of transportation that the overwhelming majority of people just aren’t familiar with yet.

This is why so many municipalities all over the world have been interacting laws to curb the use of self balancing scooters in potentially dangerous situations. People today are encouraged to keep their hoverboards as far away from busy roads as humanly possible, and to only use them on paths or sidewalks that have been established for their usage.

Here are just a couple of reasons why so many municipalities are trying to keep people riding hoverboards away from roads.

Confidence and practice is the key to mastering the operation of self balancing scooters


Because self balancing scooters have really only been around for a handful of years (at least as far as commercially viable options are concerned) the technology is still in its infancy – which means there aren’t a lot of people out there cruising around on the scooters with expert control just yet.

Look to the early days of the automobile to see how a revolutionary new transportation method can have a lot of hiccups in the early days before settling down considerably.

Scooter users need to get a lot more confidence and experience with this transportation method before they are piloting them next to busy roadways.

The technology behind self balancing scooters is still pretty new. 


The truth of the matter is that a lot of people are still completely unfamiliar with the technology and the mechanisms behind the actual operation of self balancing scooters.

This isn’t a huge deal for those that are willing to learn “on-the-fly” away from busy roads, but is a major problem for those that want to jump on top of what seems like a simple and straightforward mechanism – only to learn nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a lot like riding a bicycle for the first time. There are going to be some bumps and scrapes along the way, and you want to make sure that you manage and mitigate the damage as much as possible by keeping these operators as far away from busy roads as you can.

You never want to make a simple mistake and end up paying dearly for it because of oncoming traffic.

Riding self balancing scooters near roads can be dangerous


People are going to have to get a lot more confident and comfortable with the operation of self balancing scooters before they can be used on a mass scale near open and active roadways.

Hopefully the technology will continue to advance, safety mechanisms will be implemented, and people will become more and more comfortable with the actual operation of these devices so that this can be a reality.

Self balancing scooters just may be the ultimate solution for urban commuting, and they have the opportunity to cut down dramatically on our dependence on fossil fuels and excessive energy consumption. It’s going to take a while until this technology is viable on a mass scale, but we are getting closer and closer every day. After all, just a couple of years ago people were very uncomfortable with the idea of drones but now, it is being considered as a tool to determine road safety.

Why lorry drivers know the importance of sleep

lorriesWe’ve all been there before: you’re driving and find yourself surrounded by lorry’s, suddenly afraid of the potential accident. There’s something about their massive size that strikes us with fear, even though accidents with these vehicles are far less common than those with other, typical vehicles. Obviously, we all know that an accident with a lorry is far more likely to be deadly.

The news is full of headlines discussing the recent accident between a Wal-Mart employee and comedian Tracy Morgan. But accidents caused by a lack of sleep and long working hours for these drivers are far more common than we realize. Most of them never make it to the news, though, because they don’t involve high-profile individuals and corporations. Studies even show that frequent exercise can make a big difference in keeping drivers alert. This could be simple stretching or using a rowing machine in the gym for example.

The Lack of Sleep is the Biggest Problem

Lorry drivers are often forced to work long hours. They absolutely must maintain a schedule, regardless of the traffic or weather. Most of them are required to complete their runs in times that border on unrealistic even without these challenges. They’re compensated based on the number of miles they drive. The more time they spend on the road, and the faster they’re moving, the more money they can make.

An accident taking place just outside of England earlier this year resulted in several fatalities. The investigation found that the driver, who survived, was sleep deprived. He had been driving for nearly twenty hours straight, despite the laws governing the amount of time he was legally allowed to spend behind the wheel.

Getting Out of the Lorry and Into the Bed

Not only was the driver behind the wheel for far too long, but it was also normal for him to sleep in his truck after completing a haul. This is a common practice. Many lorries even include a compartment fitted with a bed to enable this practice. They’re often fitted with cheap mattresses that prevent the driver from getting a good night’s rest.

While you probably don’t have a job that involves the types of dangers that come with operating a vehicle that literally weighs tonnes, you’re probably facing similar difficulties when it comes to getting the rest you need. So, just what does it take to get the best night’s sleep possible?

First, you should have a good mattress. Many people sleep on the same mattress for far too long. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, this is a sign that it’s time for a new mattress. A memory foam mattress will often provide the best comfort, giving you the rest you need for peak performance during the next day.

It’s also important that you plan for enough sleep. Many people simply watch television before going to bed. They then lie there for far too long before actually drifting off to sleep. It’s a good idea to avoid the screen at least an hour before bed, if not more.

By making sure that you develop good sleeping habits and have a good mattress, you’ll improve your chances of getting sleep that re energises you for the next day. Don’t be like lorry drivers who are often sleep deprived, even if your job doesn’t involve the same level of risk. You’ll be far more productive and happy.


How Can Drones Improve Road Safety?

drone road safetyWhile drones or unmanned aerial aircraft are used by the government and their military, there may come a day in the future, when the aircraft will be used by the business arena or in the communities across the UK for other issues. For instance, drones may one day be used to improve road safety. Because they can be pre-programmed for a mission and can stay in flight for long hours, these aircrafts can be do surveillance of roads, bridges, streets and motorways.

You’ve probably have a friend that owns one, often these are nothing more than toys but some professional quality models are being made available to the general public. Some of the best drones and quadcopters on the market are quite sophisticated, as you can read about at QuadcopterCloud.

These aircraft can also spot areas where heavy congestion is causing issues for car riders, while helping to paint a picture as to the reason, while hopefully leading to a solution. Drones can travel over bridges, showing where there may be heavy wear and tear due to travel and where the bridges to be repaired. They can also travel on motorways all the UK, showing where the need for repair is most critical. These aircrafts can also spot areas where trees or other objects like dangerous wiring have fallen on the road, following a heavy storm.

Areas of decline on roads, motorways, bridges and streets can be investigated quickly, without the use of heavy manpower. Drones can also be used on local streets to show where potholes and other areas of concern for everyday car riders are, leading to faster repairs and a quicker response for the improvement of the problem. And because they have been known for long flight, some up to 82 hours, these aircrafts can survey multiple roads in one day, where the efforts to send manpower there would take much more effort and cost.

The Disadvantages of Using Drones for Surveillance in the Community

While the use of multiple drones flying for surveillance for companies who want to be cost effective and use less manpower hours is a great idea, they can only be pre-programmed to do a certain mission. Once it is pre-programmed, then that is the only mission it can do. If an aircraft is set to go over another area and there are other issues involved in the area, as a machine, it would not be able to accomplish the other necessary required tasks.

Also, there may be what some fear most and that is drone wars, where the pre-programmed aircraft may interfere with others that are out there. If there was a drone war, then confusion may become an issue over how the aircraft can actually manoeuvre around another of the same type.

Using Drones in the Future for Road Safety

While there are many great reasons for the use of drones in the future to do everyday safety checks and surveillances on the roadways, highways, bridges and streets, there are also some concerns by the government in overusing the aircraft.

Business and community leaders have been debating over the use of drones and how it can improve roadways for many years. However, the government says they can only be used for military action of reconnaissance and surveillance and to be armed with missiles and bombs for military battle. Thus, improved roadways at cost effective pricing and little manpower hours will have to wait until the issues can be worked out where drones can be effectively used in the communities.