Bizarre Car Crash in North Wales, UK Leaves No Injuries

st5516A bizarre accident that occurred on the A5104 Saturday June 7 at around 9 in the morning has many scratching their heads as they try to understand how there were no injuries. A passerby noticed that a vehicle had flipped over near an embankment early Saturday morning, and quickly pulled over to see if anyone was injured. What she found was “Amazing, like something out of a storybook” the woman explained.

As the young woman walked around the overturned car to see if anyone was still in the vehicle, she found the driver hanging upside down, while he struggled to release his safety belt. While waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive, she helped the young driver release his belt, and helped him squeeze out of his window. The police arrived shortly after.

Upon questioning, the driver of the vehicle explained that he did not know what exactly caused the accident, other than his steering wheel feeling as if it were being jerked out of his hands. This jerk resulted in the vehicle losing control, and flipping over onto its roof. The driver was administered testing both onsite and at hospital, but there were no drugs or alcohol found in his system.

Another driver who witnessed the accident was equally as stunned by what he saw. He described the accident as “the strangest thing he had ever seen.” The witness explained that he saw the car coming towards him, but all of a sudden, it bounced very hard, much like the vehicle had hit a large hole in the road. It then looked as if the driver jerked the steering wheel hard to the side in an effort to control the vehicle. Upon closer inspection, there were no visible holes in the roadway to explain what the other driver saw.

The vehicle will also be taken in for inspection to see if there is an unknown issue with the steering, even though this was the first time the driver had ever experienced the car behaving in this way.

The remarkable thing about this accident is that the driver was not injured in any way. He walked away from a totaled vehicle, yet did not even have a scratch or bruise to show for it. If that was not strange enough in this case, investigators discovered a backpack that contained a very expensive laptop. The laptop backpack managed to protect the computer, which was entirely unharmed, despite being thrown from the back of the vehicle to the front when the vehicle flipped.

This bizarre accident proves that you never really know what may happen when you are out for a spin. The man says that he is extremely thankful that he walked away with no injuries. He was also very grateful for his laptop backpack, as it protected his computer that he uses for work. He even said, “I don’t know what I would have done if it was destroyed.