Are Self Balancing Scooters a Safe Mode of Transportation?

Are Self Balancing Scooters a Safe Mode of TransportationEven though self balancing scooters or hoverboards have become a lot more popular in just the last few years (some would say exploding in the usage over the last two or three years), the truth of the matter is there are still quite a number of people who aren’t comfortable in riding one.

Sure, the actual piloting technology – the computer processing with the gyroscope on board – is quite advanced and very impressive, and the self balancing mechanism definitely works as advertised, but you’re still talking about a new method of transportation that the overwhelming majority of people just aren’t familiar with yet.

This is why so many municipalities all over the world have been interacting laws to curb the use of self balancing scooters in potentially dangerous situations. People today are encouraged to keep their hoverboards as far away from busy roads as humanly possible, and to only use them on paths or sidewalks that have been established for their usage.

Here are just a couple of reasons why so many municipalities are trying to keep people riding hoverboards away from roads.

Confidence and practice is the key to mastering the operation of self balancing scooters


Because self balancing scooters have really only been around for a handful of years (at least as far as commercially viable options are concerned) the technology is still in its infancy – which means there aren’t a lot of people out there cruising around on the scooters with expert control just yet.

Look to the early days of the automobile to see how a revolutionary new transportation method can have a lot of hiccups in the early days before settling down considerably.

Scooter users need to get a lot more confidence and experience with this transportation method before they are piloting them next to busy roadways.

The technology behind self balancing scooters is still pretty new. 


The truth of the matter is that a lot of people are still completely unfamiliar with the technology and the mechanisms behind the actual operation of self balancing scooters.

This isn’t a huge deal for those that are willing to learn “on-the-fly” away from busy roads, but is a major problem for those that want to jump on top of what seems like a simple and straightforward mechanism – only to learn nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s a lot like riding a bicycle for the first time. There are going to be some bumps and scrapes along the way, and you want to make sure that you manage and mitigate the damage as much as possible by keeping these operators as far away from busy roads as you can.

You never want to make a simple mistake and end up paying dearly for it because of oncoming traffic.

Riding self balancing scooters near roads can be dangerous


People are going to have to get a lot more confident and comfortable with the operation of self balancing scooters before they can be used on a mass scale near open and active roadways.

Hopefully the technology will continue to advance, safety mechanisms will be implemented, and people will become more and more comfortable with the actual operation of these devices so that this can be a reality.

Self balancing scooters just may be the ultimate solution for urban commuting, and they have the opportunity to cut down dramatically on our dependence on fossil fuels and excessive energy consumption. It’s going to take a while until this technology is viable on a mass scale, but we are getting closer and closer every day. After all, just a couple of years ago people were very uncomfortable with the idea of drones but now, it is being considered as a tool to determine road safety.